RPL patrons  should feel free to ask for help with computers, but must understand that staff are responsible for helping other patrons in person, on the telephone, or electronically, and may not be able to devote too much attention to any one patron. Patrons should not assume that a staff member who helped in the past will be available to help again, even if they are working at the time help is needed. 

RPL staff will assist patrons in simple computer tasks such as logging into a public computer, printing, saving, and simple formatting such as fonts and spaces.  Staff are forbidden to create, enter, or remember  passwords or conduct commerce or personal business (such as purchases, creating resumes or cover letters, registering for classes or tests, projects or school assignments, etc.) on behalf of patrons.

Patrons seeking to learn how to use computers should be instructed to contact  the Revere Community School at (781) 333 2061 Ext 51424 or by watching online tutorials on Lynda.com or LearningExpress.

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