The upper level / 3rd floor area is a safe and welcoming place primarily for the use of patrons between the ages of 13-21. This area will be prioritized for use by Y.A. patrons, staff, and programs for aforementioned groups. The large study table area upstairs is available for adults / Y.A. patrons to use for studying, but may be reserved or used for Y.A. programs, which, at that time, patrons will be politely given advanced notice to relocate to another area of the library so that the area may be used for the express Y.A. use.

While any patron can browse the Y.A. section to check out any library materials, (fiction, manga, graphic novels, etc.) the use of the lounge area and all other materials in the Y.A. area will be for the exclusive use of those Y.A. patrons between the ages of 13-21. Y.A. patrons may be accompanied to these areas by parents / guardians as needed based on circumstance.

Due to its location and the carrying of sound in our building, we ask that any patrons, Y.A. or otherwise, be aware that their volume must be kept at a reasonable level while upstairs in the Y.A. / 3rd floor area. Food/drink are permitted in the Y.A. / 3rd floor area. This stipulation is kept with the agreement that patrons will clean up after themselves and not have food/drink around computers or other easily damageable equipment.

The Y.A. area is reserved for those between the ages of 13-21 and those adults interested in Y.A. literature. Adults 21 and over not accompanying a teen may be asked to leave the Y.A. area at any time.

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