Revere Library of Things (LoT) is a collection of nontraditional items that can be checked out just like other traditional library materials. Patrons must abide by the terms below in order to borrow LoT items.

  1. The Revere Public Library is not responsible for injury, loss, or other damages while using Library of Things materials. Parents/guardians are responsible for the use of all materials by minors. 
  2. Patrons must have a Revere Library card in good standing, i.e. no outstanding fines over $20, long overdue and/or lost items, to borrow LoT items.
  3. Patrons must read and sign the lending and borrower’s agreement. Patrons 13-17 years of age must have a parent or guardian read and sign the agreement to borrow LoT items. 
  4. Borrowers, including parents/guardians of minors, are responsible for damage and/or replacement of items and any other related costs. 
  5. LoT items must be returned to a Librarian at the front desk during opening hours. DO NOT leave in the book drop. Patrons who do not follow this rule will be charged the replacement cost of the item and/or lose future borrowing privileges.
  • The loan period for all items varies based on each item. See list below:
ItemLoan PeriodReplacement Cost
Nintendo Switch3 Days$100
VR HeadsetsNot Currently AvailableNot Currently Available
Chromebooks1 Week$50

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