RPL welcomes donated materials that support the general needs of the library collection.  Materials include books or DVDs. We do not accept any VHS tapes, magazines, encyclopedias, textbooks, CD’s or cassette tapes. Donated hardcover books and paperbacks must be in excellent condition(clean, odor-free, mold/mildew-free, and gently used)..  Materials not accepted for the Library collections may be offered to other academic or public libraries, recycled or discarded. 

While RPL appreciates any and all donations, as they often help to enrich and improve the library’s resources,  the Library reserves the right to determine retention, location, and other considerations relating to use of any donated items.  The Library reserves the right to refuse any donation.  This applies especially, but is not limited to, materials that would place a burden upon the Library in terms of staffing, storage, repair or ongoing maintenance costs. The RPL does not issue donation receipts for items.

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